Welcome to the Royal House of Phanomvan website
       This website belongs to members of the Royal House of Phanomvan who use "Phanomvan na Ayudhya" as their last name and are descendants of H.R.H. Prince Phanomvan (Grom-Phra-Phiphit-Phok-Phubendr).  Most importantly, the main purposes of this website are to provide a royal biography of the prince and to recognize his descendants in various professional fields who contributed not only to the societies but to the country, the religion and the monarchy.

       Moreover, this website is intend to be the center for members of the Phanomvan na Ayudhya family to communicate and provide news and activities to reinforce their unity.

       We invite member of the family, our close relatives from the Royal House of H.R.H. Prince Kunjara (Kunjara na Ayudhya) and the Royal House of H.R.H. Prince Dinakara (Dinakara na Ayudhya), members of the other Royal Houses and those who are related or are interested in our group to become a member of this website.