It is currently located on Phra-Phiphit road along Kuu Muang Gao which now is Klong Lord (Lord Canal), opposite to Baanmor Palace.
Hub-Puei Palace
King Rama II constructed and granted this palace to H.R.H. Prince Phanomvan (Grom-Phra-Phiphit-Pok-Phubendr) who was his 17th child. It was originally named ‘Hub-Puei Palace. Three Hub-Puei palaces were built the second and third palace almost next to each other and were granted to the other two younger brothers.
Hub-Puei Palace
H.R.H. Prince Phanomvan (Grom-Phra-Phiphit-Pok-Phubendr) lived in the first palace until his last day. Then, it became a palace for H.H. Prince Chit Chuer Pong later until his last day. Thereafter, there were also many Phanomvan members lived in the palace until it was taken by to the government to build the army’s Territorial Department. Elder Members of Phanomvan family who used to live in this palace would mostly referred the palace as “Wang Tee Suan Chao Chate” or “Prince Chate garden palace”.